Welcome to your new Online Social Secretary!

Whether you're organising a Conference or deciding on the toppings for a shared pizza, Friend Herder can help you and your friends weigh up the options and come to a decision.

Creating an Event

To create an event simply click on the 'create new event' button below. You'll enter the options you want people to choose between (e.g. a bunch of dates, or maybe pizza toppings!) and a list of people. Then you get a URL you can mail to your friends.

Choosing your Options

If you've been mailed an event, you can fill in the details below (or just enter the full URL!) and you'll be given the chance to fill in your choices. You can come back as many times as you like, to see what other people have chosen and adjust your own choices accordingly - and with any luck it will become obvious which is the best choice!

Show me!

Here's an example of some friends picking out a movie to see together. You can be anyone - have a play.


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Go to an Existing Event

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